How Good Is Bacon, Exactly? [Data]

First published 11 August 2017. Last updated 11 August 2017. A common last-ditch argument against veganism (or vegetarianism, or lacto-vegetarianism, or reducetarianism) goes as follows: The "I'm a utility monster" argument. "I'm a highly intelligent and emotionally sophisticated human, so my interests genuinely matter vastly more than those of lower animals, and eating animal products gives me … Continue reading How Good Is Bacon, Exactly? [Data]

Read This First – My Beliefs

First published 5 July 2017. Last updated 7 July 2017. This post clarifies some of my most important philosophical beliefs, which I take for granted in much of my other writing. I am a consequentialist and a utilitarian. I've written about my flavor of utilitarianism here. In brief, that flavor is {hedonic, non-negative, total, act} … Continue reading Read This First – My Beliefs

Flavors of Utilitarianism

First published 7 March 2017. Last updated 4 May 2017. 1) Why Utilitarianism? I’ll keep this section brief due to space constraints, and because anything I could write here, by virtue of its fundamentality, has a higher probability of being unoriginal to the reader than what will come after. Utilitarianism defeats rival ethical systems partly … Continue reading Flavors of Utilitarianism